(Somewhat delayed by return, Christmas and New Year, here’s the last days)

We returned to Pto Natales at a fairly reasonable time, allowing us to catch our breathe (lest we ingest our steak and pisco sours too quickly) before an early rise took us to Punta Arenas. By this point the weather was getting positively Albionic (with the strange catch of it being light from about 4:30am till 10:30pm). An extremely pleasant paella set us on our way to Isla Magdalena to see some penguins. The island, site of an abandoned lighthouse, positively teems with cormorants and Magellanic penguins. They nest and feed, surf and swim through the rough waters and winds in the summer in Magellan’s Passage, migrating north up the Chilean coast over winter.

Sadly this was our last night in Chile, and another early morning set us on the 14 hour bus ride through Chilean and Argentinian Tierra Del Fuego to Ushuaia.