After the Volcano climb (where we bumped into the Swiss and Irish from Talca) the order of the next day was to relax and recover. Pucon is pretty well set-up for just touristy bumming around – one of the very few places in Chile so designed really. So a late rise was followed by intermaneting, some concerted nothing-doing, dinner at the excellent Trawen and drinks and the chilled Mamas & Tapas. All the while not having to watch England be rubbish against Croatia (although we watched Chile be rubbish against Paraguay).

The next day was an excellent adventure in the form of hidrospeed. This is a fairly new activity (there’s only 3 people in Chile running tours) but is great fun. Basically it involves travelling down rapids. In a wetsuit. With only a float for company. Awesome. The guy running was great value too, we spent an hour after discussing tourism and Chile in general.

For our final full day in Pucon we decided to hire some mountain bikes and head over to Lago Caburga to see the waterfalls. Sadly after about 5km the gears on my back wheel decided to shear away from the wheel making cycling impossible. A short time spent rigging the chainset so it wouldn’t interfere with the wheel, we then proceeded back to town with Dave half pushing/half pulling me along the cycle path. The odd looks we received escalated as we started overtaking people.

Anyway after making it back (possibly quicker than we came, aided by a tailwind) we managed to rescue the rest of the day and spent the afternoon kayaking around the lake.

After six nights in Pucon we finally departed for the isle of Chiloe, in search of its mermaids and witches.