Taking the half-hour roll-on/roll-off ferry to Chiloe, the skies started darkening and the temperature started falling. We’ve had pretty much perfect weather so far (nary a droplet of rain in four weeks) but as we head southwards this can’t last.

Chiloe is a pretty interesting and cute little island, but the weather and the fact we only had one night there dampened our mood a bit. Really we’re just killing a couple of days until we get the boat from Puerto Montt for the far south. So a barely pleasant bass dinner was consumed and then we headed back to the hotel for some kip. Or we would have, apart from the vociferous shagging that was occuring in the room below us. All the livelong night.

After finally succombing to sleep, we were then awakened the next morning to a familiar chorus. I’m glad they were enjoying themselves. Anyway, it was time to bail from Chiloe and make our way back to the tiny town of Puerto Varas. The pleasing settings here (like Pucon it’s on a lake near a volcano – in this case Osorno) meant we could chill and prepare ourselves for the 4 day boat trip ahead.